C Programming

Duration : 3 months ( 60 hrs + 20 hrs project)

C Syllabus

Basics of C,an Overview Of C And Buzzwords, Operators , Control Structures,Array in C,String Handling, Function, Pointers,Structures and Unions, Dynamic Memory allocation, LinkedList,File Management in C,Preprocessor,

Learning objectives
To familiarize the trainee with basic concepts of computer programming and developer tools.
To present the syntax and semantics of the “C” language as well as data types offered by the language To allow the trainee to write their own programs using standard language infrastructure regardless of the hardware or software platform
Course outline
Introduction to compiling and software development
Basic scalar data types and their operators
Flow control
Complex data types: arrays, structures and pointers
Structuring the code: functions and modules
Preprocessing source code

C++ Programming

Duration : 3 months ( 60 hrs + 20 hrs project)

C++ Syllabus

C++ Overview,Functions and Variables,Classes in C++,Operator Overloading,Operator Overloading ,Working with Overloaded Operator Methods, Initialization and Assignment,Storage Management,Memory Allocation ,Dynamic Allocation: new and delete ,Inheritance, Polymorphism, Input and Output in C++ Programs, Exceptions, Templates

Learning objectives

  • Create and execute object-oriented programs using C++ language
  • Overload some basic operators using operator overloading technique
  • Extend C++ classes to add more functionality
  • Perform late binding using inheritance & virtual functions
  • Create and execute Object-oriented Programs using C++ Language
  • Process data using I/O Streams
  • Use exception handling to avoid run time errors
  • Create templates for generic programming
  • Use in-built classes in Standard Template Library

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Courser Fee/ Price

  • Weekly 3 Days
  • 2 hours per day
  • 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Monday Tuesday and Wednesday

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