We provide a broad range of advisory services related to financial management. We offer personalized services to our clients. Our team works with the clients to provide a range of audit support, budgeting, cost estimating, monitoring and controlling services to help them in making their financial decisions. We execute financial and accounting management of business houses that helps them to have a financial transformation. Some other key areas in which we give assistance to clients are from initially diagnosing the problem with strategic formulation and analysis and delivering the results.

Financial Strategy

This is the most important strategy in any organisation’s strategic plan. We provide the expertise in assessing the financial needs and help them to make strategies and actions to be taken over a specified period of time to achieve the targets.

Working Capital Enhancement

In today’s competitive environment, accounts receivable performance in some of the major companies have been deteriorating. This is where our expertise in helping our clients to optimise their company cash thereby maximising their financial strength comes into picture. We provide a smarter approach towards analytics and technology that helps our clients to have better outcomes in their businesses.

Procurements & Tenders

Need help in planning to bid or bid writing for forthcoming procurement or need assistance for finding relevant tenders, then we are here to provide you expert assistance.

Cost accounting and management

One of the important factor in which profitability depends is on effectively managing cost allocations. Our qualified and professional team help our clients to understand the relationship between cost and operations which will lead them to a better position in their respective sectors.

Planning budgeting and forecasting

GEL knows the value of effective Planning, budgeting and forecasting for the businesses which are continuously facing consumer demand and macroeconomics challenges. We help organizations to make strategic planning that is different from the traditional approach of planning and forecasting. This helps senior management to optimize their financial decision making capacity

Finance function benchmarking

Benchmarking your financial department is imperative to keep pace in the current scenario in which cloud based financial systems and automation is fast accelerating. We provide our finance teams expertise in redefining excellence in financial functions.

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