Students or youth are the nation builders; hence there is a strong need to address their requirement and at Global Education Limited, we are providing a range full of services to students. This ranges from providing academic advice for their higher studies to identifying their skills, weakness, and interests and enhancing it, so that they may be able to communicate properly and develop employability skills and make a career in the field of their interest as per their abilities.


Welcome to our Internship Services where we serve undergraduates and postgraduate Students. We provide our services to the students in planning their career path as well as helping them in searching the job or internship.


We have got a vast pool of talented database which helps us to focus in providing better placements with a high level of job satisfaction. Our services towards placement act as a catalyst between upcoming talents and companies. We cater to the needs of fresher and existing professionals.

Overseas Study

We are single stop solution for all your indispensable needs to higher studies abroad. We provide specific & updated information regarding overseas education for an array of foreign countries as well as facilitating quality counselling to the aspiring students to select bonafide courses easing all processes involving application and visa. We make sure that the students make the right choice when they decide to study abroad.

Career Counselling

We offer counselling services to all the queries related to career right from the perspective of studying abroad or choosing the right path as per your ability and interest. We also help you to identify your strengths and goals.

Start-up Support

To support the young ambitious mind, we provide them with a complete package of updates on various government policies on the start-up ecosystem and Tech Savy tools that are essential for entrepreneurs.

Employability Trainings

To be successful in the workplace it is important that you should be equipped with some of the employability skills that is essential to be in a job. We provide various workshops that help the aspirants to succeed in the work place.

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