10 points to Study Abroad

10 points to Study Abroad

Saint Augustine has once said that “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”.  These words have an abyss meaning and can be understood by flipping pages of world history. Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan & Xuanzang, a Chinese both were traveler & Scholar. They blew the dust of various countries by traveling & learning the culture, history, art, administration. They wrote about it & carved their name on pages of ancient history. Studying abroad has a subsequent & relevant meaning to this example. It is becoming a trend nowadays. Studying abroad may have many reasons like unavailability of that course in our country, for a quality education or to travel to the interpersonal exchange of other countries culture & tradition. This knowledge will certainly bestow us with profound wisdom & worthy knowledge; moreover, stamping the name of the foreign university on a degree & resume have an added advantage.

Following are some noteworthy points to contemplate while thinking about studying abroad:

  1. Opt perfect consultancy firm:

You can do lots of things by yourself but certainly not all. While preparing for study abroad some events like visa application, documentation, and communication with universities could be stressful and you might need someone to help you who is well aware of this hectic exercise. You better let some aspect to be handled by your study abroad consultant. The utmost task before finalizing consultancy firms is to check their background as some fraudulent & unscrupulous firms promise many things by charging huge amount of money but give poor results. Many times deceptive testimonial flashes on their sites you can’t believe on. Try to establish personal communication to those candidates who have completed their studies through the consultant you wish to go with.

  1. Profiling:

Profiling is the scientific process of assessing the universities & courses suitable to you as per your academic background. First, the candidate needs the clarified thought about his future goal, career prospects, academic qualification & monetary conditions, if does, then only a professional counselor can put segregated respective option before you. While choosing courses one must also consider its scope to create employment opportunities in future. It would be nice if you listen to your heart rather than suspending on the advice of his & hers. By virtue of high-speed internet, one can easily access profiles of universities of which your mind is moving around. Know about campus, facilities, services, alumni and every quality you might like to see in our prospective college. It is always advisable to shortlist at least three universities so that chances of getting admission in any one survive, if other of your applications get rejected in universities.

  1. Documentation:

This is most crucial process in the exercise of foreign studies. At the time of profiling makes a list of all indispensable documents needed for various applications such as passport, visa, immigration, ISIC etc. Different universities ask for vivid documents according to institutional norms and policies so one must always possess all documents & its copies and present whenever asked for. The document must be in order and ready on call because delaying in document perhaps leads to cancellation of your request.

  1. Preparations for entrance exams:

Every university, before giving admission to any student  check its creditability & credential on the excellent academic background with some of the standardized entrance tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, PET, IELTS etc. Each test has its respective international organizing committee whose pattern & assessment technique are acceptable by almost all foreign universities. GRE i.e. Graduate Record Examination tests the candidate’s ability of critical thinking & logical analysis. It required for all technical courses. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission test required for managerial courses in overseas universities. TOEFL, IELTS & PET scrutinizes English Language Skills with respective to reading, writing & speaking. Independent agencies or some consultant offers the exclusive preparatory program to achieve good scores in these entrance exams. Early beginning of preparation is always helpful.

  1. Visa application:

You might have cleared all entrance tests and have bagged admission in your preferred university and you do possess passport then the next step would be to apply for Visa. Every country has different rules & regulation to issue Visa. A person who intent to learn in foreign university and may have got admission confirmation letter from the university must forward the application to respective consulate or embassy of that country. Students issued visa after due verification & interview. Go through prospective question which might get asked in interview & prepare for it. You can take help from the consultant as they know the procedure & interview cracking technique. You must present whatever document asked & convey the truthful & sensible answer to each question. The purpose of the interview is to scrutinize genuine intention of a person for going to that country and whether he/she fulfills required criteria. One must be calm & confident while responding to interviewer & avoid non-relevant points.

  1. Look out for Scholarship:

If you have earlier got a scholarship for your excellent performance in academics & fulfill requisite eligibility criteria of foreign universities scholarship & other organizational scholarship norms then you must apply for a scholarship of respective university. In the current situation of inflation and falling rate of the rupee, the scholarship could be financially very supportive. But certainly, a candidate needs the spectacular and extraordinary academic background to claim scholarship. Be vigilant about some fraudulent & deceptive scholarship schemes from unknown resources. Don’t believe on myth without authenticating its truth fullness.  Use the only authorized website to fill scholarship forms of respective universities & don’t wait for the last date. Also, the Consultants possess the huge database of various scholarships offered, take their help if you have opted one.

  1. Learn about country:

Before stepping foot on foreign land one must know about crucial aspects of host country such as its history, custom, etiquette, food culture and those things which are important to get absorb in the community & will also be helpful for your peaceful passage of the academic years. You will confront many new people & have to communicate with them so you need to learn their manners & etiquette to evade untoward circumstances & embarrassment.

  1. Pre-departure checklist & training:

Imagine the event when you need something & you might have forgotten it at the home and if you leaving for another country then pre-departure checklist & training has paramount importance.  For acute adaptation & absorption in foreign academic environment & local communities’ pre-departure briefing has no alternative. Consultant you hired can instruct best in this regard about material to carry & other aspects. Leaving one’s own home & country to go between completely stranger people & environment could be psychologically stressful for oneself. Counseling is done in this regard to get rid of emotional stress & to motivate about career aspects. You must enlist what can you carry from homeland & what can buy there. Look for a reliable travel & medical insurance as it is necessary while traveling abroad. Formalities for an arrangement of accommodation should be done prior departure so that you don’t have to fumble over on arriving in search of a place to live. Be updated about competitive foreign rate exchange and try to carry forex card rather than huge cash. An efficient communication is very important for staying connected with the family & friends so many companies offer amazing communication packages & sim cards suitable to your budget. You must choose what is appropriate to your need.

  1. ISIC (International Student Identity Card):

It is an UN-supported & worldwide acceptable card which gives the individual an identity of being an international student and offers discounts on many foreign student services. Its Parent organization ISIC Association headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherland and has its representative in almost 133 countries including India. ISIC is issued to the genuine bonafide student for identification and to avail discounts on airfare, accommodation, technical services from collaborated global partner of ISIC Association.

  1. Safety Precaution:

We always feel little insecure in a new place, what to say about the new country. You must keep yourself updated about travel warnings issued by the government about specific countries and avoid going over there.  First thing is to have knowledge about your host country regarding customs, tradition & manners. What you presume well in one country may be offensive in other so stay alerted about social etiquettes. Don’t disclose your details to anyone you don’t know. Keep low profile & mind your own business. Don’t indulge with the groups; you are unaware of what they are engaged in. Avoid flashing your valuable & money because thieves may just beside you. Keep important numbers handy especially the consulate number of your home country. Follow these and all other safety instruction provided, for your own safety.

Besides the above mention points look out for whatever is important for your academic voyage. Get out of your comfort zone & throw yourself in achieving something, which most can just dream of. Foreign education is a chance to learn, to experience, to absorb the essence of global citizenship. You better begin your journey if you are confident to do so.


Working as a Convenor, Editorial and Digital Marketing at Global Education Ltd. Column Writer, The Hitavada.

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