Useful Book for all Indian Universities of civil Engineering Mining Engineering, B.Sc.(Geology),M.Sc. and other Govt./ Private Civil Department


    General Geology , Geomorphology , Crystallography , Mineralogy , Petrology , Structural Geology, Weathering , Indian Stratigraphy , Economic Geology , Groundwater , earthquake , Site Investigation, Engineering Properties of Rocks , Dams And Reservoirs , Tunnels , Landslides , Geological Field Work

    • Author :Dr. Ravindrakumar Bopche, Dineshkumar Agarwal
    • ISBN :978-81-935799-2-3
    • MRP : Rs.450
    • Book Code :1006
    Useful Book for all Indian Universities Civil Engineering, M.Tech. (Structures Engineering)


    General , Types of Structures , Equilibrium Conditions , Force Displacement Relation , Degree of Indeterminacy , Structural Analysis Methods , Stiffness Coefficients , Stiffness Method , Continuous BeamGeneral , Formulation of Elemental Stiffness Matrix for beam element along structural axes.Global stiffness matrix for Continues BeamGlobal Load Matrix for Continues BeamNumerical on Continuous Beam by Stiffness Method , Computer Oriented Solution of Continuous Beam by Commercial Software , Plane TrussGeneral , Formulation of local stiffness matrix for a bar element of plane truss along member axes , Formulation of Transformation Matrix (From member axes to Structural Axes) , Formulation of elemental stiffness matrix for truss element along structural axis , Global Stiffness Matrix for Plane Truss , Global Load Matrix for Plane Truss , Numerical on Plane Truss by Stiffness Method , Computer Oriented Solution of Plane Truss by Commercial Software , Space TrussGeneral , Elemental Stiffness Matrix for Space truss member , Global stiffness matrix for space Truss , Global Load Matrix for space Truss , Numerical on space Truss by Stiffness Method , Computer Oriented Solution of space Truss by Commercial Software , Plane FrameGeneral , Elemental Stiffness Matrix for plane Frame member , Global stiffness matrix for Plane Frame , Global Load Matrix for Plane Frame , Numerical on Plane Frame by Stiffness Method , Computer Oriented Solution of Plane Frame by Commercial SoftwarePlane Grid , General , Elemental Stiffness Matrix for Plane Grid member , Space FrameGeneralElemental Stiffness Matrix for Space Frame memberGlobal stiffness matrix for Space FrameGlobal Load Matrix for Space FrameNumerical on Space Frame by Stiffness Method , Computer Oriented Solution of Space Frame by Commercial SoftwareSpecial Effects on Structures and Storage TechniqueContinues Beam with Sinking of Support , Plane Truss with Inclined Roller , Plane Truss with Lack of Fit, Shear Deformation , Storage Technique

    • Author :Dr. U. P. Waghe, Dr. S. P. Raut, Shri D. G. Agrawal
    • ISBN :978-81-935799-5-4
    • MRP : Rs.495
    • Book Code :0000
  • PROGRAMMING IN C (A Practical Approach)
    Useful Book for All Engineering Branches, BBA, BCA, MCA & B.Sc.


    This Book is useful for the compulsary paper - I in UGC (NTA) - NET/ JRF/ SET examination of All state and useful for UPSC & MPSC examination as well as the for the similar competitive examination. In this book 94 solved question papers of the NET & SET examination have been included. This Book includes all important questions of Teaching and Research Aptitude as per the latest syllabus and pattern NTA (UGC) - NET-Paper-I. 5900+ Solved questions have been taken from UGC (NTA) -NET/JRF examination,Maharashtra-SET, Madhya Pradesh-SET, Gujarat-SET, Jammu & Kashmir-SET, Kerla-SET, Tamil Nadu-SET, Rajasthan-SET, Telangana-SET, Karnataka-SET, West Bengal-SET, Andhra Pradesh-SET, Himachal Pradesh-SET examination.This Book will be very useful to UGC aspirants. Once you have moved past the learning phase, there is no better way to practice than to pick up the previous year papers of the exam therefore, as a serious aspirant, you must prefer our book which is a compilation of solved previous year’s papers.

    • Author :Dr. Ashish Sasankar, Prof. Prachi A. Sasankar
    • ISBN :978-81-942212-0-3
    • MRP : Rs.395
    • Book Code :0000
    Useful Book for B.E. Electrical Engineering / Electronics & Mechanical Engineering.

    ( Mechatronics )Book is Useful to the Engineering Colleges and to Training Institutes Courses on PLC, SCADA and DCS are conducted


    Introduction to Digital Systems , Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller ,Input/ Output Modules , Basics of PLC , Ladder Diagram Programming ,Timers and Counters , Handling Analog I/Os in PLC , Advanced Instructions in PLC ,Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) , PLC- SCADA base models for Industrial Applications , Introduction to other PLC and SCADA systems ,Distributed Control System , Yokogawa Centum VP DCS , Introduction to Honeywell and Delta V DCS , Introduction to Automation Network , References

    • Author :Rajesh G. Jamkar
    • ISBN :978-81-935799-5-4
    • MRP : Rs.495
    • Book Code :1004