Accreditation Advisory

We ensure this first impression becomes a life-term conversion

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Accreditation Advisory


How we can help you?

We help you in getting required recognition and accreditation with a holistic approach which is in alignment with the criteria and standard that has been set down by the governing body:

  • Research and Analysis of the present status of the Institute- This helps to analyze whether there is a need for improvement.
  • Suggestions for Improvement in institute.
  • Assisting for submission of online forms, documentation and preparing the SSR report.
  • Preparing the Institution and all the stakeholders for Peer Team Visit with specialized training.

Benefits of GEL

  • Helps the institute to identify its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Helps in identification of internal areas of planning and resource allocation.
  • Provides Institutions a new sense of direction and identity.
  • The Society and Employers look for reliable information on the quality of education offered to the students and the prospective recruiters respectively.
  • Increase in intra and inter-institutional interactions.
  • Accreditation fosters program accountability to the public and engagement in continuous peer review and improvement.