Global BIFS Academy

Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Program for you to become a top BIFS Professional

Global BIFS Academy is a prestigious institution renowned for its excellence in Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services. It provides comprehensive and dynamic programs aimed at nurturing aspiring individuals into successful professionals within the BIFS industry. The academy focuses on imparting essential skills and knowledge required for excelling in the BIFS domain.

Global BIFS Academy is committed to offering top-notch training in the field of Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services, focusing primarily on recent graduates aspiring to build successful careers in the BIFS sector.

The banking industry holds significant importance in driving economic prosperity and advancement. It is a stable sector known for continuous growth and expansion.

At Global BIFS Academy, we have made a deliberate choice to empower fresh graduates in their journey towards becoming accomplished professionals. Our program equips trainees with comprehensive industry knowledge and job skills necessary to excel as BIFS professionals, enabling them to tackle future challenges.

Both Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies value individuals with a solid understanding of processes and a customer-centric mindset.

Upon successful completion of our course, trainees are fully prepared for employment in the BIFS sector and can contribute productively from day one.


Finance Services

Budding Bankers

  • Trainers are Ex-Bankers
  • Case Studies
  • Finacle 10 - Application Software of Banking Operations by Infosys
  • HR Workshops - Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews
  • Two NISM Certifications:
    1. NISM Certification (Mutual Fund)
    2. NISM Opera tions (Demat)

NBFC Services

NBFC Credit Officers

  • Trainers are Ex-BIFS Professionals
  • Case Studies
  • Sales & Relationship Management
  • Professional skills
  • HR Workshops:
    1. Interview Preparations
    2. Mock Interview Sessions
  • A to Z Online Process of Retail Credit:
      • Application
      • Pre-Sanction Survey
      • Income Assessment
      • Credit Appraisal
      • Sanction of Loan
      • Disbursement of Loan
      • Collection Process
      • Recovery of Loans

Our Programs

Explore our Programs

Student Training

Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Banking - Budding Bankers

Corporate Training

Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Credit Management - NBFC Credit Officers

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