Campus Recruitment Training


For most job seekers

Campus Recruitment Training

For most job seekers, finding a job means going through rigorous procedures set up by recruiters. Even then there’s no guarantee that one will get the job. Thankfully, campus recruitment drives help students bypass the task of looking for a job. But, students must be very good at a number of things to make it past the process. Global Education Limited (GEL) helps students achieve that feat so they don’t have to struggle when finding a job.

Campus Recruitment Training

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) is a programme exclusively designed for the students preparing for recruitment. Its aim is to ensure that the students are well-equipped to get through the recruitment process of various IT and non-IT companies. Job-seekers and placement providers contribute through their inputs in order to make this programme an effective one. GEL is well known for all the training services that they provide. And Campus Recruitment Training is one of them.

What do companies look for while recruiting?

Companies look for the right traits in the applicants depending on the job profile. But the process and basic screening remain the same in all cases. It generally involves aptitude tests, interviews and group discussions. Each of them evaluates a certain set of qualities and skills in the individual.

Aptitude tests measure the quantitative ability, reasoning and logical ability of the students. While interviews help in understanding their personality and character. The key attributes evaluated here are the candidate’s confidence, presence of mind and knowledge while facing the interviews panel. Lastly in group discussions, they study the attitudinal and behavioural responses of the participants.

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It's a competitive world and we want you to win.

How do we help you?

It's a competitive world and we want you to win. We help you in nurturing all the skills companies want in their employees. So that they have no reason to reject you and every reason to offer you the job. We, at GEL, have created an all-inclusive training programme that covers the entire selection process. The trainers are experts and highly efficient in their jobs.

We have covered the aptitude and personality assessment tests in our training modules. We provide job seekers with a chance to develop their presentation and communication skills by conducting mock interviews and group discussions. The training ensures that students can handle the recruitment process with ease. No matter which company comes onto the campus or out of it. GEL helps you present the best version of yourself and be job-ready. If you want to be among the outstanding prospects in the job market then you better enrol in this programme.

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Our CRT module includes

Verbal Ability
  • Reading Comprehensions
  • Grammar
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Vocabulary
Aptitude Skills
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical/ Verbal and Non- Verbal Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Verbal Ability
Personality Tests
  • Personality Inventory test
  • Career Aptitude and assessment test
Psychometric tests
  • Psychometric test

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