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About III Cell

In view of technological advancement, economic and industrial policy recently adopted, the industrial scenario is fast changing. Many Industries are bound to export a part of their production and complete with multinationals. The emphasis has shifted to quality products and requires well trained manpower to produce such products. There has been a greater need for industries to depend on technical institutions for R&D and for supply of highly qualified and skilled manpower. Dynamic Training, Research and development has become major activity for all industries. This calls for institute to interact with industries for mutual benefits with symbiotic relationship between the two systems. The ultimate aim of this relationship will be the creation of confidence in industry by the Institute which would result industries involving voluntarily with the Institute at various stages of its development. Through this cell, focus will be to reduce industry-institute gap by introducing various programs for the students in the current academic session. This will ultimately help them to become more productive from the starting day of their professional life

Activities Under IIIC
  • MoU with trade specific association for internship, live projects, industry visits, expert’s session.
  • Providing internship to all students in each branch. After completion of internship presentation in front of IIIC, industry representative, domain faculty should submit evaluation report duly weighted for quality on scale of 1-10.
  • Identifying and facilitating Guest Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Brain Storming Sessions, and Technical Discussions etc. with members of the Industry, outside Experts, eminent personalities at regular interval.
  • Identify difficult topics/subjects in each branch and arrange visit of industry experts for delivering sessions, this should be in timely planner and topic should be from within syllabus and out of syllabus for bridging gap if any.
  • Conducting Industrial Training, Orientation Courses, Industrial Visits etc. for faculty and students at regular intervals.
  • Facilitating joint research work, consultancy involving faculty and students.
  • Conducting industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institution.
  • Facilitating professionals from industry as visiting faculty in institutions and short or long periods deployment of faculty from institutions to industry for gaining industrial experience and/or work on projects in industry.
  • Associating experts from industry in curriculum development and review
  • Identifying continuing education opportunities, short-term programs and training needs of the industry, which the institution can provide.
  • Promoting revenue generating activities for the institution like Lab Testing, Calibration, Consultancy and R&D etc.
  • Institute to Identify students for skilling from 1st year for providing live projects with industry in 3rd/final year under supervision of faculty ,listing with schedule required.
  • Creation of funded or sponsored skill labs.
Information Dissemination
  • General and technical information available with GEL shall be provided to the members and the exchange of information shall be both ways to the extent possible.
  • Industry member can avail of / may provide video films / information material on products, manufacturing techniques etc.
  • Meeting of the associate members will be arranged once a year, to which an eminent speaker will be invited to give a lecture on the topic of current interest.

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