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A few decades ago no one had any idea about how Social Media will impact businesses in the future. Social Media is not something that you can understand in a day or a week or a month. The digital platforms are always evolving and it’s difficult to keep up with them. Furthermore, if you’re someone who’s running a business you probably have little to no time to sit and learn the ropes of this digital beast.

Many business owners choose making a team of their own to handle social media rather than hiring an agency. But, can a small team handle something where there’s a tsunami of developments going on every week? Social Media is one of the toughest nuts to crack when taking your business online. For a small team it can often be hard to manage all aspects of social media and push for growth at the same time.

WHY ?????

Social Media platforms

Why is Social Media Important?

When it comes to the importance of Social Media it's not just limited to getting eyeballs. Social Media platforms in today’s day and age offer a lot more than just eyeballs. How you present yourself on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin makes an impact on how people perceive your brand. If your business is not on Social Media for some reason, your website is missing out on backlinks and your brand is missing out on a lot more.

Some brands don’t consider making a Social Media profile to be among their priorities. It’s hard for such brands to connect with a younger audience. In the 2010s there were numerous brands that became heavyweights because they did Social Media right. There are a lot of brands that clicked with their audience because of their social media presence.


In the 2020s and beyond, Social Media will be one of the most essential tools to grow a business. And if you’re not using a tool like this, then you should start using social media to grow your business. We at Global Education Limited believe in building your Social Media presence right.

On Social Media being on the right side of every argument can be a gigantic task. But, if you hire us, we make sure that you’re on the right side of everything. Also, rookie mistakes on the social media can cost a business dearly, GEL avoids anything on these lines.


the four pillars of creating a Social Media presence

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Linkedin Importance

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are the four pillars of creating a Social Media presence for a business. And a lot depends on the demographics, generations and inclinations you’re looking to target. Some businesses are easier to grow on Facebook than on Instagram. The opposite is true for some other businesses when it comes to Social Media. It’s pretty difficult to find the right platform to start with and replicate the growth on other platforms.

Every Social Media platform gives your business an added advantage in something. Facebook is the prime location to target Generation X. On the other hand, Instagram is a really good place to get a hold of Millennials. Twitter is the best place to be if your business can be on the right side of every conversation. Lastly, Linkedin is where your business interacts with other businesses and professionals.

Managing multiple Social Media platforms can be difficult. Thus you need professionals to take care of your Social Media profiles. It’s way more efficient, result-oriented and smart to hire an agency to take care of your Social Media rather than doing it yourself.


reach your target audience

Our Services

What does Global Education Limited offer you in Social Media Management? We offer you services that can make your Social Media game one of the best in your market. Our experts know how to make your brand reach your target audience. Also, we ensure that your brand image is elevated to new heights through Social Media. One of the best things about working with us is that we treat your business like our own. Moreover, GEL offers value for money services where you’ll get what you’ve been promised. Contact us to up your social media levels by multiple levels.

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