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Faculty / Teacher Training Programs

They say a good teacher is someone who can transfuse the desire to learn in students. That means that the right knowledge of a subject is not enough, the teachers need to possess essential skills as well. Skills like the ability to keep the class engaged, to deliver the knowledge effectively and to keep the interest of the students intact. Schools and colleges play an important part in shaping a person and so do the teachers. Like a parent, even a teacher needs to build a rapport with the student. So that they can understand them, take care of them and help them reach their highest potential.

Faculty/teacher training programs

We at Global Education Limited provide you with an opportunity to get trained and enhance your teaching skills, through our Faculty/Teacher Training programme. Teacher learning or training is a comprehensive, continuous and never-ending process. Constant developments are pivotal in the education sector which makes it crucial for teachers to keep up with them. The aforementioned programme promotes teacher’s teaching skills, helps to master novel knowledge and develops better or new proficiency. Consequently contributing to improving student’s learning and development in general.

Why should a teacher get enrolled in this programme?

It's the teacher’s responsibility to bring out the best in their students. Numerous studies have shown that when teachers are good at class management, students show more interest in learning. And ergo have better education outcomes compared to the situation when the teacher is not so good at classroom management. This highlights the importance of good teaching as well as effective management skills in the teachers.

If you enrol in this programme we will help you brush up on all these skills. You will be able to meet the requirements of the education sector and thus make your own mark in the industry for a longer duration. Moreover, it will contribute to a great extent to your professional development. This me is essential not only for your development but for the student’s benefit as well. Because we believe that every student deserves an exceptionally skilled teacher.


this programme keeps all the important aspects

What do we offer in this programme?

We have meticulously crafted this programme keeping all the important aspects into consideration. The teacher’s training process usually has two categories to it and we take care of both. The first category undertakes the coursework assigned to the students for their working year. It usually covers content, methods and psychology. Education technology and integration along with inclusive cultural diversity are a part of our programme. The other category usually comes to practical learning and modelling which we ensure to put in your head. Our programme promotes emotionally intelligent methods to educate. We also help teachers learn essential soft skills that play a major role in making them better educators.

Our Training sessions help the teachers to learn or create new teaching strategies which will bring back the interest of their students in the classrooms and encourage learning. Thus, GEL stand out from the rest when it comes to Faculty/Teacher training. We take care of all the aspects that institutions want and that students need in a teacher.



As an Institution or Administrator You Could Avail

Classroom Optimization

Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Good Teacher: Student relationships- Positive classroom environment- Inherent Discipline beyond rewards and punishments- Handling Behavioral challenges- Role plays related to classroom Management
Being an Emotionally Intelligent Educator

Duration: 60 Minutes

  • Emotional Self- awareness and regulation- Self- Motivation- Empathy- Balanced Emotions – Activities on being emotionally intelligent
Essential Soft Skills for teachers

Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Time Management- Critical Thinking- Workplace Collaboration- Assertiveness- Stress Management
Effective Communication for teachers

Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Classroom Conversation- Workplace Communication - Listening skills- Writing reports and emails- Parent Communication- Speak the unspoken Element of Communication
Teach with Tech

Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Presentation Skills- Online teaching platforms and their usages- Effective online teaching mandates

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