IT and Risk Management

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IT and Risk Management

IT and
Risk Management

In the modern world the IT technologies become the indispensable and critically important factor and instrument of business activity. The IT department plays strategic part within any company structure, because it ensures proper functionality and competitive advantages of the business. Successful operating of all departments depends on the work of IT department. Data is an enterprise asset, raising risk management and compliance pressures. Increased dependence on third parties complicates operating models further. Adding to these complexities are expectations for exceptional IT performance from the workforce, business partners and customers. There is an unprecedented dependence on technology and tremendous consequences when it fails. We help organizations in alignment of IT goals, roadmap and strategy with Business.

We provide Support services can be provided for these major fields:

  • Maintenance and support of the computers and peripherals: Bunch of periodical operations which should be fulfilled for normal computer functionality: hardware testing, monitoring, upgrading, making daily data back-ups and reports.
  • Communication Technical Services : Maintaining the informational infrastructure: Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), ensuring data communications and telephone systems.
  • Software solutions :Development, procurement, installation, maintenance and support of the various software applications.
  • Office and enterprise systems :Development, procurement, installation, maintenance and support of the main business software systems –data, documents, payrolls etc. management, accountancy software, Internet Web site and so on.

Informational Security through IT Risk Management:

Establishing of informational security policy, installing, setting and maintenance of anti-malware and anti-intrusion systems (firewalls, anti-viruses, etc.).

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