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As technology takes a few more steps towards an unimaginable future, data centers are set to play an essential role. Businesses need to host their data somewhere to make use of it. More importantly, businesses need a secure solution to this problem that is efficient and cost-effective. Global Education Limited offers clients comfortable data center solutions for their invaluable data.

GEL offers clients a state of the art infrastructure at affordable prices. Our data centers have the ability to serve custom needs so you won’t have to adjust with anyone else. We also ensure that every client is being looked after and all the requirements are met.

IT Data Center
cloud-business imperative

Scale, Security, Performance

We're Invested in Your Growth as much as our own

We have strong OEM partnerships and more than 1000 highly skilled engineers who work round-the-clock to fulfil your needs at our data centers. With continuous growth in capacity and constant investments in new technology, Global Education Limited stands out when it comes to data centers.

GEL ensures our customers benefit from our two decades of experience around colocation, data center migration and security. Our multiple data centers, high-density colocation solutions and fault-free migration expertise make GEL your best option for a data center.


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Value Proposition

Pioneering innovation
  • Groundbreaking technology solutions merging global innovations with local offerings
Stability and security
  • Reliability delivered by a trusted partner with investment capabilities to match your global footprint
Full-stack data center offering
  • Full range of data center and ICT offerings along with Cloud infrastructure, managed network and security services
Built to fit
  • Large-scale infrastructure investments for large enterprises and hyperscalers backed by high-quality service contracts
Strong on relationships
  • Competitive market position and customer-focus nurture powerful relationships
Improved resiliency
  • Best-of-its-kind infrastructure and service excellence translate to better contingency planning and no major downtimes.
One-stop shop
  • We’re here when, where and how you need us. From the complete suite of data center services to complex multicloud solutions, we have it all.
Express rollouts
  • In-house teams for project delivery ensure continuity of multiple, parallel projects
Surplus staffing
  • Oversized approach to skilled manpower keeps operations agile
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