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Megha Mohan (Aptitude Trainer)

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms It is about UNDERSTANDING”
- William Paul Thurston.

Flair for Aptitude made her expert at the subject. Her objective is to groom and refine aptitude skills in students as it is a very important aspect of one’s personality. She has trained more than 5000 plus students for Campus Recruitment. She has been popular among students for her shortcut tricks and unique way of teaching. She has been in this field for five years and that largely contributes to her effective coaching skills. She has comprehensive knowledge of the emerging trends and is well acquainted with the upcoming Quantitative concepts. As a Trainer she infuses her training with sincerity and dynamism. She has not only trained engineering and commerce graduates but also management post graduates across various autonomous colleges across Maharashtra. Being a trainer and mentor to many she gives her unconditional positive regard and believes in the best of others.

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