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We live only once which means no passing moment will ever come back. There are memories we wish to preserve and share, record and remember, photos do this job for us. The innumerable pictures that we take in a lifetime come together to tell our life stories.

Furthermore, photography is a form of expression. This means that photos are not limited to memories and all the lovey-dovey stuff. Thus, portfolios, corporate photos and event photography exist and thankfully we’re great at that too. Just name what you’re looking for and we’ll cater to your needs no matter how wild they may be.

Photography is gaining extreme popularity with the advent of cameras in cell phones. But the scope of photography is not limited to phone cameras and personal photos. It has got its significance in various fields and for various purposes. For fulfilling these goals getting the perfect and high-quality pictures is a must. Though we all consider ourselves photographers with our phones in hand, none can surpass the perfection of a professional photographer. That's where Global Education Limited comes into the picture. We provide all photography related services in the most consummate manner. Our team of photographers and photo editors is amazing and undoubtedly among the best.



Do You need a Photographer?

Photographers are versatile and often work in diverse streams. At a personal level, we hire them for capturing important occasions like birthdays, weddings, different ceremonies, holidays and whatnot. Everyone ranging from Schools to Corporates requires professional photographers at some point. Schools need pictures of major events for putting them in their yearbooks and magazines. Be it sports day or annual meets, a professional photographer knows his job well. On the other hand, Companies require photos to record major events to publish or share as news. Also, pictures play a great role in advertising products and services.

Professional photographers know the perfect angle and pose and other dynamics of taking a picture. After that, they give the final touches to it and create mesmerizing products. One of the important things is taking portraits for professional as well as personal needs. And photoshoots have irreplaceable importance especially for models, actors and celebrities.


market for giving the best services in photography

What Do We Offer?

Global Education Limited has a name in the market for giving the best services in photography. Our team understands how worthy pictures can be for our clients. Keeping that in mind GEL strives to meet your expectations.

We specialize in all types of photography from events, corporate, family to senior portraits. Our services include colouring, photo printing, matting and framing and photo editing. Giving you flawless products in the process. We have satisfied a number of clients by conducting professional photoshoots, corporate photoshoots and with our adept advertising skills and event photography.

We are incredibly blessed to have a team of photographers who give their best and are highly reliable even on weekends.

We provide services and support in all areas of that includes:
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • Corporate Photoshoot
  • Photo- Editing
  • Professional Portfolios
  • Coloring
  • Photo-Printing
  • Advertising skills
  • Matting &Framing
  • Events Photography
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