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Finding a job is not easy, trust us on this. Going through numerous rigorous rounds only to find out that you didn’t make it, is hard. The easiest way to get a job is through campus placements. When you know companies are looking for freshers and willing to give them an opportunity, it’s not hard to place students. More importantly, colleges help you get a job through campus placements.

But managing placements can be nothing less than a mountain peak. Colleges have an intention to get a maximum number of students placed and also want the companies to get the best of the resources, finding the right balance can drive college officials crazy. Furthermore, colleges want the best of the best companies to come for campus placements to their college to add value to the college’s reputation and provide appropriate RoI to the aspiring students.

Placements are an important part of your institution?

Placements are very important if you want to run a successful and profitable college. Most students go to college in the hope of finding a job at the end of their journey. A college’s placement record plays an important role in attracting potential students. A good placement history puts your college in an exclusive position where you can handpick the best students during admissions, to further add to the college’s reputation. Thus, placements are very important when it comes to a college's reputation.

Placements also play an important role in building a relationship with different industries. This is important because colleges need to be on good terms with big players in several industries. This helps them keep courses up to date and get students relevant exposure through internships and workshops.

What do?

industry leader when it comes to placements

What do we offer?

Global Education Limited is an industry leader when it comes to placements. We offer colleges an opportunity to connect with companies that lead their respective industries. This eventually bears fruit for the students of the particular college. Our Placement departments are in constant communication with companies to know their human resource requirements. We circulate the requirements through an internal medium to the aspiring students from colleges who enroll in our programme. Then we ask the students to read and understand the job requirements. On self-satisfaction and clarity the students nominate themselves for the jobs posted. On completion of the time period the data is compiled and is shared with the organization seeking the job applications.

Subsequently, the companies announce the interview process and Personal Interview rounds take place. Once the company finds suitable candidates they release the offer letters and if everything goes well, candidates from your college get a job. GEL’s placement system is seamless and beneficial for all parties, so what are you waiting for?


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