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Priyanka Sharma (Training Officer)

To imbue people with correct theories may make them choose their goals and means wisely so as to avoid the roads that end in terrific disappointment
- Arnold Brecht

A conversationalist, soft skills trainer and a content curator for prominent national dailies, Priyanka Sharma is generation Z author. Her inclination towards communication and soft skills started during her college days, being a business grad her exposure to stage and people further propelled her in the field of public speaking and power skills.

By virtue of her significant associations with renowned finishing schools, Startups-Corporates and platforms like Toastmasters her experience record is versatile. With 70+ Conferences, Keynotes & Public Communication she has to her credit 3000+ hours of training. She studies, trains & authors in-depth guides that assist people to manage and master their competence & skills. With her natural flair to engage in interesting conversations & experientially validated techniques to make one introspect, she easily comes out to be people’s person. For her every creative engagement, be it a training session, a book or even a casual conversation is nothing less than a value addition experience and she wishes everyone(including herself) to always have the best ones!

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