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Sindhu Shyam Kumar Panikar (Training Officer)

A perspective changer, an advisor in Communication and Power Skills development. Her success lies in the 13 years of dynamic experience in training and development. Impressively she has proven her mettle in both Corporate and educational institutions with her experiential training knowledge. Just to give you a hint of her insights you would love to know that among so many trainings that she herself has undergone, she also has to her credit the soft skill training imbued from Sorbonne University Paris, France.

Her work experience is backed by reputed organizations and business houses like Citibank India, IBM Chennai, where she handled and mastered the craft of Training and Development.

Understanding the need for Communication and Life skills for the young Generation, her quest to bridge the gap of skills in the tender has led her to be the trainer who has been working with Educational Institutions carving the life of many Young intellectuals she comes across. Apart from this she conducts high-performance-driven Faculty development programs and chairs business conferences often and frequently to stay updated about how trends work and subsequently how to help people in mastering them.

She has authored books on Communication Skills and English as a Second Language which she is currently working upon.

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