Train the Trainer


Training is a much sought-after career among people nowadays.

Train The Trainer

Training is vital within all companies as it is a way of ensuring your employees are consistently re-evaluating skills and looking at ways to improve. For any company to grow it is important to provide the correct type and level of training to staff members, one way to ensure you are doing everything you can is to train your trainers in an effective manner. Great trainers know how to run great sessions. They know how to plan courses, speak to delegates, answer questions, explain difficult subject matter, and encourage participation.

The effort that goes into preparing for, delivering, following up and making modifications to courses is often above and beyond the ordinary. Hence trainers deserve to receive relevant training. Global Education’s ‘Train the Trainer’ course will empower anyone who delivers or wishes to deliver training. If you want to develop trainers within your business, ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to design, implement and deliver your training.

Train the Trainer

You will always need to follow certain elements from a syllabus to achieve your training objectives. However, to have the greatest impact on your trainees, it’s extremely important to discover the style of training that best fits your personality.

During a Train the Trainer course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about the different styles of training delivery and develop your own style (and confidence!) through training practice.


It's a competitive world and we want you to win.

What do we offer?

This programme provides opportunities to Trainers for the development of skills to facilitate, create and manage a learning-based environment. We train the Trainers to provide advanced facilitation skills towards the end-to-end training. We pay attention to domains like training design and development, group dynamics and training techniques for effective engagement. These are some of the skills we will cultivate in you through the programme.

Our programme aims to achieve a specific set of outcomes that will help you become a better Trainer. Those training outcomes are as follows.

Develop and enhance own training, facilitation and learning practices, prepare to aid learning sessions and help reflect and improve practice through appropriate evaluation.

Promote learning sessions using appropriate training methods, learning enabling techniques and use of ICT.

If you are planning to be a trainer who wants to stand out from the rest and make an impact then this programme is for you. GEL is one of the best training organisations in Nagpur and Central India, thus, we assure you of guaranteed benefits.

We Train

Train The Trainer

Train the Trainer
  • Training Design and Development
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Facilitation skills and delivery methods
  • Learning Space Strategy
  • Pragmatic Learning and questioning skills
  • Group Dynamics
  • Training techniques for effective Engagement
  • Effective Usage of Online Learning Environment

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