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“Even if you’re watching TV at home, or streaming digital video on the go your message will connect with the audience.”

In a world where people spend a good chunk of their time on YouTube, video content is a big deal. Video is the most consumed form of content on the internet, even more than blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start a YouTube channel or reach more people through a new form of content, you will need experts.

DIY is a big thing when it comes to making videos, but Videography is a different ball game. With 100s of software, templates and algorithms coming into play, you cannot connect with your audience easily. That’s what Global Education Limited will help you with. Our team is excellent at understanding clients’ needs and our experience in various genres only adds to the assurance that you’ll get what you’re looking for.


Videography is the art of effectively capturing moving pictures

What is Videography and its relevance?

Videography is the art of effectively capturing moving pictures in the state of motion with the help of electronic media. In simple words, videography is making a video but with sheer precision and intellect. The term comprises methods of video production as well as the process of post-production. Though appearing to be the same, videography differs from cinematography. While cinematographers aim to convey a message through their work, videographers are mostly limited to giving information. The job of videographers includes recording various events like weddings, meetings, conferences, court proceedings and news scenes. They cover the essential moments of an event and put it all together.

Companies also require the services of professional videographers for marketing purposes. In this age of information being available at one’s palm, consumers rely on digital media for the reviews, details and demonstration of products and services.

Videos contribute a great deal in making people understand a product or service. Moreover with the growing popularity of YouTube, who doesn’t turn to it for cross-checking before buying something? Creative promotional videos are an eye-catcher and effective on all social media platforms. Furthermore, videos are an easier medium to convince your potential customers because it’s as good as one to one communication if not better. When you make a presentable and accurate video ad, it effectively adds to your brand value.


offers a wide range of services

What services do we provide?

Global Education Limited offers a wide range of services, right from commercial cinema and broadcasting to HD live streaming. Our team is flushed with the experience to get the job done. Also, we offer complete multi-camera solutions and live switching, online streaming for multi-location activities, entertainment, festivals and events.

Our team is adept at post-production, direction, concept development and production management processes. Certainly, we take care of every fine detail of creating the perfect video content for you. We do corporate filmmaking, industrial photography, live video shoots as well as professional videography. Thus covering the entire spectrum of videography. With our services your headache of producing top-notch video content is ours and we have a habit of delivering on our promise.


We provide services and support

Services Offered

We provide services and support in all areas of video production that includes:

  • Pre/Post Production
  • Direction
  • Concept Development
  • Professional Videography
  • Industrial Videography
  • Corporate Filmmaking
  • Production Management
  • Videos of Learning Resources (Studio work)
  • Live Video Shoot
  • Motion Graphics and Video Editing

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